working in love with schools and parents

for the future

According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of jobs for children presently in school are not available yet. Most of these unavailable jobs all hang around STEM.

At tanteeta, we prepare children from a wide range of social backgrounds for these jobs of the future by grooming them to be tech geniuses in both hardware and software.

We work with schools and parents to train kids, teenagers and young adults in robotics and coding, teaching them how to be collaboratively creative and innovative, while solving societal problems.

robotics education
for kids & teenagers

teaching kids and teenagers how to be collaboratively and creatively solve problems, through robotics and coding.

weekend robotics & AI school

The weekend robotics & AI school is a year-long program aimed at engaging kids and teenagers in a fun-filled, well structured and robust robotics, coding and artificial intelligence learning experience.

tanteeta for schools

We help schools create a learning environment that is project-based, interdisciplinary and collaborative. An environment which enables students to grow into innovators and problem solvers.

tanteeta for homes

Our private classes are 100% child-centered and project-based. We acknowledge every child’s uniqueness. This is why we take our time to pay attention to identify, and develop unique and effective learning experience for every child.

Eko Robotics Championship™

ERC is aimed at employing an inclusive approach to scale the impact of Robotics Education across West Africa by engaging them in a yearly hands-on robotics engineering games and contests.

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