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We work with the best engineers, scientists and innovators, to create the most engaging STEM courses for teenagers.

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Our curricula are designed to make each class a 100% hands-on, project-based and fun experience for kids and teenagers.

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Watch your child grow into an excellent innovator at Tanteeta without you having to rob a bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

1   How do I know the perfect course for my child? We have a dedicated support team who are always willing and ready to help you find that perfect course for your son/daughter. Please feel free to call us on 09030001991 or send us a mail at
2   Can I trust your instructors with my child? You absolutely can! We only work with qualified, verified and certified instructors, and above all, all our instructors are specially trained to be competent in child relationship and communication and adhere to strict work ethics.
3  How important is your robotics classes to my child’s academics at school? Our curriculum is designed such that your child solves project challenges where they will have to apply the basic concepts they have learnt in physics, mathematics, chemistry and liberal arts. It is exciting to see your kids learn without knowing they are learning.
4   My child is not a science student. Can he/she take part in your robotics class? Yes they can! Your child does not have to be a science student to take any of our courses because our curriculum teaches skills like critical thinking, collaboration, team work and gives your child a positive attitude towards mistakes as this is a core trait of innovators and problem solvers around the globe.
Weekly coding and robotics classes in secondary schools